Utility Relocation Coordination Services

CES staff experts brings into play and highlights of utility engineering solutions with boots on the ground approach which brings an excellent mitigation against any cost and time impacts.

CES provides value added services with leadership in Utility As-Built Mapping Program using Radio Frequency Identification Technique (RFID) / GPS Advanced Technologies to assist Design Project Managers and Construction Managers in dealing with the design and construction issues resulting from incorrect utility records.

RFID markers system will provide the backbone of the GPS mapping system and will produce specific information for future use by the Contractors, Locators and Designers.

Assessment/Easements/Utility Engineering


Risk Analysis




Cost estimating and verification


Excellent Relationship with all the entities such as Dominion Power, Verizon, Fiber light, AT&T, Washington Gas, Comcast, Cox, Prince William, Fairfax and Loudoun County Service Authorities and VDOT ITS.


I 95 Southbound CD Lanes and Rappahannock River Bridge  Project Cost: $101.6 Million

Route 7 and Battlefield Parkway Interchange  Project Cost: $90.0 Million

Route 7 Corridor Project Cost: $250 Million

Route 29 and Gallows Road Intersection

Stringfellow Road 

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