Route 772 Transit Connector Bridge

The project includes the design and construction of the Route 772 Transit Connector Bridge (B693) across the Dulles Greenway and Metro Center Drive extension from Devon Shafron Drive to a roundabout at the intersection of Metro Center Drive and Moorefield Boulevard.

The project also includes the design and construction of Moorefield Blvd. from the roundabout to its intersection with Croson Lane.

The intended purpose of the project is to link the proposed parking garages and station entrances under construction to serve the planned Route 772 Silver Line Metro Station located immediately north of the proposed Route 772 Bridge. The project provides critical infrastructure to the future Route 772 Silver Line Metro Station.

Bridge (B693) Overview

The Route 772 Transit Connector Bridge located between Exit 6 (Ashburn Village Boulevard) and Exit 7 (Loudoun County Parkway) on the Greenway. The Bridge spans the extended Metro Center Dr. the entire Dulles Greenway to provide access to the north and south Silver Line Metro Parking Garages, as well as all other infrastructure and roadways in that vicinity.

The Steel Girders bridge with two Abutments (MSE Wall), two Piers and three spans also have a shared use path for pedestrian traffic, as well as north and south bound lanes for vehicular traffic.

CES Consulting LLC Services:

CES as Quality Control (QC) provided inspection of all project items from the beginning to the end on the road including: Clearing and Grubbing, Erosion and Sediment Control, Cut & Fill (Excavation and Embankment), Sub Base grading and Base placement, Underdrain Installation, Underdrain Video Inspection, Storm Drainage (Pipe and structures Installation), Sanitary Pipe Installation, Gas Pipe Installation, Curb & Gutter, Asphalt Pavement, Guardrail, Pavement Marking, Landscaping and Permanent Signage.

Also, Inspection of Bridge Construction including: Inspection of the Steel Girders formation at the Manufacturer Plant, H Pile Driving on Abutment A & B, Center of Gravity calculations for group of piles, MSE Wall Installation, Structural Concrete Pour, Steel Girders (Beams) placement over the abutments and piers, Check the Bolts and Nuts for the Snog Tight position at the Girders splicing and Cross Frames, SIP Forms Installation, Bridge Deck Slab Concrete pour (Dry depth and Wet depth check), Bridge Deck Grooving, BR-27 Installation, Bridge Fence Installation and Bridge Pavement Marking.

In addition, all tests for soil and aggregate (CBR Test, One Point proctor and Density Tests), Concrete Pour (field tests and making cylinders for the lab tests) and tests for the Bridge Bolts and Nuts (Torque Test).

All inspection activities and tests were done according to the VDOT Road & Bridge Specifications and Standards also, Minimum Requirements for QA/QC on Design Build and PPT Projects.

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