Quality Assurance Services

The Quality Assurance staff will be led by an experienced and Quality Assurance Manager (QAM), following the approved Project Quality Management Plan (PQMP) that details the processes and procedures for the managing, inspecting, testing, documenting all the construction planning and production work on site. The QAM will execute plans, instructions, procedures, and improvements to the quality control process. The QAM will also have a detailed Quality Assurance Auditing and Nonconformance Recovery Plan and use this plan to ensure all subcontractors and suppliers are adhering to the project’s PQMP plan. The QAM is experienced and recognizes the differences between deficiencies and Non-Conforming Reports generated by the construction work in the field and has extensive experience in coming up with solutions to resolve these items expeditiously.

QA Services



QA inspectors

CQIP reviews

Project Documentation


Monthly Pay Application Checklists

Materials Book



Work Zone checklists

Frequency of testing matrices

Materials testing reports

Deficiency and NCR logs

Hold points and witness points amongst other relevant project documentation.

The QA team has the experienced and certified inspection resources (day and night operations) to staff any contract.


I 95 Fredricksburg Express Lanes  Project Cost: $290.00 Million

Warrenton Southern Interchange  Project Cost: $19.6 Million

I 66 Eastbound Widening Inside the Beltway Project Cost: $85.6 Million

Route 29 Solutions Project Cost: $116.7 Million

Route 60 in Chesterfield County Project Cost: $40.0 Million


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