I.66 and Route 234 Park and Ride

This parking lot is built at the intersection of Route 234 By pass and I-66 on Cushing Road giving access to I-66 east bound lane and accommodates over 420 parking spaces.

This project included grading, drainage, underdrains, guardrail, asphalt pavement, signs,lighting,communication equipment, signalized intersection, pavement markings, planting/ and concrete items. The concrete comprised of items such as curb and gutter, light pole foundations,concrete pads, concrete sidewalks,bus shelter,bicycle racks and concrete end walls.

CES Consulting LLC(CES) performed pre-construction and inspection services for project. CES provided a scheduler and an inspector for staffing.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION: CES provided preliminary engineering services, i.e., constructability and bidability reviews, Contract Time Determination Report (CTDR) and contract special provisions.

CONSTRUCTION: CES performed inspection services in the field. CES project inspector’s responsibilities included:

Ensuring that all work was per VDOT standards and specifications

Ensuring that all testing was performed at the correct frequency

Measuring and documenting daily work pay items

Testing concrete to ensure air, temperature and slump requirements were met and work was within specification requirements

Inspecting lighting items, signal items and various other items

Other support,i.e., project controls,monthly schedule updates,and change order estimates

Working closely with the contractor to ensure all field design and utility conflicts were resolved at the lowest level possible



Drainage and underdrain installations

Guardrail Installations

Lime stabilization and manipulation

Lighting and signalized intersection

Bus shelter installations


Asphalt pavement construction and reconstruction

Concrete items such a scurb and gutter,sidewalk, signal pole foundations and ADA ramps

Bicycle racks

Owner: VDOT

Cost: $5.3 Million

Project Dates: June 2012 to July 2013

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