I-64 Segment II Widening

Scope of work This $138.7 million Design Build project will widen Interstate 64 from 1.05 miles west of Route 199 (Humelsine Parkway/Marquis Center Parkway) near exit 242 to where the Segment I project ends, 0.54 miles east of Route 238 (Yorktown Road) near exit 247. This will extend the three-lane section of I-64 from the point where the I-64 Segment I project ends west for approximately 7.08 miles. The proposed improvements include pavement reconstruction of existing lanes and additional 12-foot wide travel lanes and 12-foot wide shoulder lanes, and widening of nine (9) existing bridges and six (6) box culverts that lie inside the project limits. CES Consulting is assisting VDOT with the Owner IA oversight of the project, providing CE&I staff for construction management including the roles of responsible charge, construction manager, environmental compliance, and senior inspection.

CES Consulting LLC also is supporting VDOT with construction engineering and inspection services in the field with an Independent Quality Assurance Inspector: Responsibilities for CES staff include:

Ensuring all work meets VDOT standards and specifications

Quality Assurance and Quality Controls measures in place are in compliance with the Contract Documents

Monitor MOT and Safety

Coordinate Lane Closure with VDOT’s Traffic Control Center

Erosion and Sediment control monitoring

Compliance with latest DEQ guidelines



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