I-395 Bridge Rehabilitation at Glebe Road

This  project involved performing major preventive Bridge maintenance & Repair for three (3) bridges at the Glebe Road Interchange on I-395 in Alexandria, VA. Main scope of the work for these three projects as follows:

Deck Repair, deck milling and LMC-VE overlay.

Painting superstructure steel and bearings.

Deck joint elimination and / or deck joint reconstruction.

Evaluate bearing replacement as required for joint elimination.

Substructure Concrete delamination / spall and crack repair.

Application of waterproofing to sub structure

Work includes saw cut and demo of existing bridge deck, Type A and B patching, installation of joint sealant and expansion dams. This work had to be performed without impeding existing traffic and therefore involved extensive maintenance of traffic (MOT) coordination and implementation through lane closures during non-peak hours of traffic on this heavily travelled corridor of I-395. Relevant Features Saw Cut Bridge Deck Rebar Joint Seal Deck Drainage Concrete Patching Bridge Girder Coating Extensive MOT Planning Overlay

CES supported VDOT on construction engineering and inspection services in the field.  Our inspector was responsible for ensuring that all work was carried out per VDOT standards and specifications, all testing was performed at the correct frequency, measured and documented daily work pay items and ensured that all work zones were set up correctly, worked closely with the contractor to ensure that all field design conflicts were resolved at the lowest level possible. CES provided the necessary staffing including senior and regular inspectors on site to cover all operations and provide all the quality assurance checks as well as develop the daily reports. Furthermore, our inspector developed, maintained, and managed all of the required project documentation, including the Materials Notebook. PConstruction Cost is $4.9 Million This work was performed as a task order under the VDOT NOVA District Wide Construction Engineering and Inspection Services Contract

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