Elizabeth River Crossing Tunnel

This Public-Private Partnership project consists of constructing a new tunnel paralleling the existing Mid-Town tunnel that connects Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia. Work also encompasses rehabilitating the existing tunnel,constructing the tunnel approach in Norfolk and Portsmouth, as well as extending the MLK Expressway. The massive construction of this Toll Road is to alleviate some of the congestion the existing tunnel experiences.

CES Consulting LLC(CES) is performing quality assurance inspection services for this project.

CONSTRUCTION: Quality assurance inspection duties include:

  • Validating the specified quality processes by establishing product specifications and quality attributes

  • Tracking and measuring production, clearly documenting evidence

  • Determining operational and performance qualification

  • Writing and updating quality assurance procedures

  • Maintaining and improving product quality by completing system surveillance audits, investigating customer complaints, collaborating with other members of management to develop new product and engineering designs, and manufacturing and training methods

  • Preparing quality documentation and reports by collecting,analyzing and summarizing information and trends including corrective actions and re-validations


  • Immersed tube construction with pre-cast concrete tunnel segments for two-lane tunnel

  • Existing pile removal

  • New pile driving

  • Fireproofing of tunnel interior

  • Tunnel air flow installation

  • Existing tunnel rehabilitation

  • Norfolk and Portsmouth approach roadway

  • 1.5 million cubic yards of trenching

  • Extension of MLK Expressway

  • Tunnel and roadway utilities

  • Toll systems installation and synchronization

Owner: Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC)

Cost: $1.5 Billion

Project Dates: April 2012 to Present

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