Belmont Ridge/Route 7 Interchange

This project improved traffic flow in the area and to alleviate traffic delays at the intersection of Rte. 7 and Rte. 659 caused by turning movements, substandard geometry and roadway width on Rte. 659.  The scope included the widening of Rte. 7, the realignment of Rte. 659, a new bridge to carry Rte. 659 over Rte. 7, various drainage and storm water management improvements, a 1,980-foot noise barrier wall, roadway lighting at the Single Point Urban Interchange, and many utility relocation’s for water and sewer improvements.

Benefit to Loudoun County and Major Stakeholders: This $55 million project under the VDOT NOVA District Wide Construction Engineering Inspection Contract, CES performed multiple Project Controls Support services such as assisting in development of conceptual schedules as part of the Finding of Public Interest (FOPI) to make determination on type of contract (Design Bid Build vs. Design Build). Upon completion of the analysis, made the recommendation to advertise the project as design bid build. In addition, provided cost estimate analysis to review the entire project cost estimate to find savings. The methodology used was based on reviewing the contract time determination report, finding areas of concurrent activities thus enabling certain crews to handle multiple operations, historic bid data was taken and analyzed to compare against the Engineer’s design estimate. The result was a cost/budget savings that helped the project to move forward on advertisement and bid procurement.

Under a Loudoun County contract, CES provided all aspects of construction Inspection services including full time on-site management of construction field activities and coordination of inspection staff along with comprehensive utility coordination including detailed tracking of on-site relocation work. Also supported the County in pre-bid documents prior to advertisement.  

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