Structures and Bridge

Hampton Roads, VA

Owner: VDOT

Cost: $0.5 to 4 Million

Project Dates: On-Going

CESConsultingLLC(CES)performedpre-constructionanddesignservicesformultipleprojectsfor VDOT Hampton

RoadsDistrictStructureandBridgeDepartment.CESprovided a BridgeDesigner/ProjectManagerforstaffing.

DESIGN/ PRE-CONSTRUCTION: CES provided preliminary engineering services, i.e., Project Scope Development, Preliminary Engineering, Detailed Design, Permit Acquisition, etc., that would be necessary to put together no-plan / minimum plan contracts.

    • Develop ASD, RAAP, and SAAP contracts valued from $500k to $4 million

    • Coordination with VDOT Environmental regarding document/permit acquisition

    • Document/Jobcreationandmanagement in CEDAR– ComprehensiveEnvironmental DataandReportingSystem

    • Coordination with VDOT Hampton Roads Traffic Division in Traffic Management Plan

    • Complete IPM control over multiple UPCs

    • Prepare Schedules for multiple UPCs

    • Create cost estimates using AASHTO Trans-port Software

    • Engineering Design of Simple Span Bridge Replacements – SS8 Structures

    • Structural checks for Super/Sub-structure adequacy in Shear-Moment-Deflection etc.

    • Development of “For Construction” Drawings using Micro Station V8i


    • Hampton Roads District Wide Paint Contract (2016)

    • Harbor Crossing Maintenance and Repair Contract for various Tunnels (HRBT, MMMBT, JRB)

    • District Wide Hired Equipment Contract for Bridge Maintenance Crews

    • District Wide Hired Marine Equipment Contract for Bridge Maintenance Crews

    • Numerous SS8 Structure Replacement Contracts

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