NOVA District NRO Project

Northern Virginia

Owner: VDOT

Cost: $28.0Million


This project consists of on-call signal maintenance, new signal intersections; rebuild intersections and ITS Installations extensive MOT coordination and conflict mitigation is required.

CES Consulting LLC (CES) performedpre-construction and constructionmanagement and inspection servicesforthisproject. CES providedan officeengineer/projectmanager and threeinspectors.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION: CES provided preliminary engineering services, i.e., constructability and bidability reviews as well as contract special provisions.

CONSTRUCTION: CES performed construction management services by supporting VDOT with construction engineering and inspection services in the field. CES’s office engineer/project manager is responsible for ensuring:

    • All work is performed per VDOT standards and specifications

    • All testing is performed at the correct frequency and measured

    • Daily work pay items are documented

    • All material meets with VDOT material requirements as the majority of the items are specialty items

    • Workingclosely with the contractortoensureallfielddesignand utility conflicts are resolvedat thelowestlevelpossible

Projectfromconstructionandpost-construction, Operations groupmanages toadminister the multiplecontractsincludinginspections, safety management, quality management, environmental compliance,monthly vouchers. Othersupport includesstructuralinspectionsofthesignalizedintersections,scheduleandchangeorderestimationandclaimanalysis.


    • Signstructuresremovalandinstallation

    • Fiberoptic,CCTVandotherITSinstallationandvehicledetection systems

    • In-plan utility relocations (includingsensitive government fiberopticcable)

    • Upgrade trafficsignalswith installation ofuninterruptedpower supply (UPS)

    • Installation ofsignal heads, LEDs,hangerassemblies, install conductorcables,installation of signs,controllercabinetsandinstallationofloops

    • Installation of conduits and junction boxes to upgrading communications

    • Installation of American Disability Act (ADA) ramps, interstate corridor lighting

    • Installation of new/rebuilding of traffic signal intersections

    • Structural reviews and inspections

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