Northern Virginia

Owner: VDOT

Cost: Varies

Project Dates: Varies/Present

Local jurisdictions are increasingly involved in the partialfunding and constructionof roadways,structuresandbridgesthat will become the property of VDOT after construction iscompleted. As a result of thisarrangement, VDOT performsperiodic inspection, testing, and auditing of projects toassureprojectquality.GuidanceonVDOTspecificationsisprovided

tolocaljurisdictions,when necessary, to abide by State funding

requirements.Whenrepresenting VDOT, the monitor assists the jurisdiction in betterunderstandingandmeeting all VDOTstandards.

CESConsultingLLC(CES)isperformingconstructioninspectionmonitorservicesfor a variety ofLAPprojectsthroughoutNorthernVirginia.

CONSTRUCTION: CES is serving as the construction inspection monitor, an extension of VDOT’s staff, on many LAP projects. Being successful in this role requires the CES employee to have a wide range of project experience, be well-versed in VDOT specifications and documentation, and have the ability to communicate clearly with all project stakeholders.


  • Verifying specifications are adhered to

  • Assisting local jurisdictionswith understanding any differencesbetweenthelocal standardsandtheVDOT specifications

  • Audit project documentation to assureVDOTformsareproperlyfilledoutandfiled(especiallytheMaterials book)

  • Review work orders to validate their scope and pricing

  • Assist with pre-plan projects

  • Attend progress meetings

  • Assist as a technical aid

  • Verify material testing is adequately performed


  • George Mason University West Campus road connection

  • Widening of US Route 1 (up to six lanes between Telegraph Road and Route 235)

  • Mounted sound wall

  • Prince William Road widening

  • Chain Bridge Road (Route123) bridge replacement

  • Streetscape between Columbia Pike and John Marr Drive

  • Maple Avenue roadway improvements in Vienna

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