Structures and Bridge

Owner: VDOT

Cost: $0.5 to 4 Million

Project Dates: On-Going

CESConsultingLLC(CES)performedpre-constructionanddesignservicesformultipleprojectsfor VDOT Hampton

RoadsDistrictStructureandBridgeDepartment.CESprovided a BridgeDesigner/ProjectManagerforstaffing.

DESIGN/ PRE-CONSTRUCTION: CES provided preliminary engineering services, i.e., Project Scope Development, Preliminary Engineering, Detailed Design, Permit Acquisition, etc., that would be necessary to put together no-plan / minimum plan contracts.

    • Develop ASD, RAAP, and SAAP contracts valued from $500k to $4 million

    • Coordination with VDOT Environmental regarding document/permit acquisition

    • Document/Jobcreationandmanagement in CEDAR– ComprehensiveEnvironmental DataandReportingSystem

    • Coordination with VDOT Hampton Roads Traffic Division in Traffic Management Plan

    • Complete IPM control over multiple UPCs

    • Prepare Schedules for multiple UPCs

    • Create cost estimates using AASHTO Trans-port Software

    • Engineering Design of Simple Span Bridge Replacements – SS8 Structures

    • Structural checks for Super/Sub-structure adequacy in Shear-Moment-Deflection etc.

    • Development of “For Construction” Drawings using Micro Station V8i


    • Hampton Roads District Wide Paint Contract (2016)

    • Harbor Crossing Maintenance and Repair Contract for various Tunnels (HRBT, MMMBT, JRB)

    • District Wide Hired Equipment Contract for Bridge Maintenance Crews

    • District Wide Hired Marine Equipment Contract for Bridge Maintenance Crews

    • Numerous SS8 Structure Replacement Contracts

I.66 and Route 234 Park and Ride

Owner: VDOT

Cost: $5.3 Million

Project Dates: June2012 to July 2013

This parking lot is built at the intersection of Route 234 By pass and I-66 on Cushing Road giving access to I-66 east bound lane and accommodates over 420 parking spaces.

This project included grading, drainage, underdrains, guardrail, asphalt pavement, signs,lighting,communication equipment, signalized intersection, pavement markings, planting/ and concrete items. The concrete comprised of items such as curb and gutter, light pole foundations,concrete pads, concrete sidewalks,bus shelter,bicycle racks and concrete end walls.

CES Consulting LLC(CES) performed pre-construction and inspection services for project. CES provided a scheduler and an inspector for staffing.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION: CES provided preliminary engineering services, i.e., constructability and bidability reviews, Contract Time Determination Report (CTDR) and contract special provisions.

CONSTRUCTION: CES performed inspection services in the field. CES project inspector’s responsibilities included:

  • Ensuring that all work was per VDOT standards and specifications

  • Ensuring that all testing was performed at the correct frequency

  • Measuring and documenting daily work pay items

  • Testing concrete to ensure air, temperature and slump requirements were met and work was within specification requirements

  • Inspecting lighting items, signal items and various other items

  • Other support,i.e., project controls,monthly schedule updates,and change order estimates

  • Working closely with the contractor to ensure all field design and utility conflicts were resolved at the lowest level possible


  • Grading

  • Drainage and underdrain installations

  • Guardrail Installations

  • Lime stabilization and manipulation

  • Lighting and signalized intersection

  • Bus shelter installations

  • Landscaping/planting

  • Asphalt pavement construction and reconstruction

  • Concrete items such a scurb and gutter,sidewalk, signal pole foundations and ADA ramps

  • Bicycle racks


Owner: VDOT

Cost: Varies

Project Dates: Varies/Present

Local jurisdictions are increasingly involved in the partialfunding and constructionof roadways,structuresandbridgesthat will become the property of VDOT after construction iscompleted. As a result of thisarrangement, VDOT performsperiodic inspection, testing, and auditing of projects toassureprojectquality.GuidanceonVDOTspecificationsisprovided

tolocaljurisdictions,when necessary, to abide by State funding

requirements.Whenrepresenting VDOT, the monitor assists the jurisdiction in betterunderstandingandmeeting all VDOTstandards.

CESConsultingLLC(CES)isperformingconstructioninspectionmonitorservicesfor a variety ofLAPprojectsthroughoutNorthernVirginia.

CONSTRUCTION: CES is serving as the construction inspection monitor, an extension of VDOT’s staff, on many LAP projects. Being successful in this role requires the CES employee to have a wide range of project experience, be well-versed in VDOT specifications and documentation, and have the ability to communicate clearly with all project stakeholders.


  • Verifying specifications are adhered to

  • Assisting local jurisdictionswith understanding any differencesbetweenthelocal standardsandtheVDOT specifications

  • Audit project documentation to assureVDOTformsareproperlyfilledoutandfiled(especiallytheMaterials book)

  • Review work orders to validate their scope and pricing

  • Assist with pre-plan projects

  • Attend progress meetings

  • Assist as a technical aid

  • Verify material testing is adequately performed


  • George Mason University West Campus road connection

  • Widening of US Route 1 (up to six lanes between Telegraph Road and Route 235)

  • Mounted sound wall

  • Prince William Road widening

  • Chain Bridge Road (Route123) bridge replacement

  • Streetscape between Columbia Pike and John Marr Drive

  • Maple Avenue roadway improvements in Vienna

NOVA District NRO Project

Owner: VDOT

Cost: $28.0Million


This project consists of on-call signal maintenance, new signal intersections; rebuild intersections and ITS Installations extensive MOT coordination and conflict mitigation is required.

CES Consulting LLC (CES) performedpre-construction and constructionmanagement and inspection servicesforthisproject. CES providedan officeengineer/projectmanager and threeinspectors.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION: CES provided preliminary engineering services, i.e., constructability and bidability reviews as well as contract special provisions.

CONSTRUCTION: CES performed construction management services by supporting VDOT with construction engineering and inspection services in the field. CES’s office engineer/project manager is responsible for ensuring:

    • All work is performed per VDOT standards and specifications

    • All testing is performed at the correct frequency and measured

    • Daily work pay items are documented

    • All material meets with VDOT material requirements as the majority of the items are specialty items

    • Workingclosely with the contractortoensureallfielddesignand utility conflicts are resolvedat thelowestlevelpossible

Projectfromconstructionandpost-construction, Operations groupmanages toadminister the multiplecontractsincludinginspections, safety management, quality management, environmental compliance,monthly vouchers. Othersupport includesstructuralinspectionsofthesignalizedintersections,scheduleandchangeorderestimationandclaimanalysis.


    • Signstructuresremovalandinstallation

    • Fiberoptic,CCTVandotherITSinstallationandvehicledetection systems

    • In-plan utility relocations (includingsensitive government fiberopticcable)

    • Upgrade trafficsignalswith installation ofuninterruptedpower supply (UPS)

    • Installation ofsignal heads, LEDs,hangerassemblies, install conductorcables,installation of signs,controllercabinetsandinstallationofloops

    • Installation of conduits and junction boxes to upgrading communications

    • Installation of American Disability Act (ADA) ramps, interstate corridor lighting

    • Installation of new/rebuilding of traffic signal intersections

    • Structural reviews and inspections

Elizabeth River Crossing Tunnel

Owner: ElizabethRiver Crossings (ERC)

Cost: $1.5 Billion

Project Dates: April 2012 to Present

ThisPublic-Private Partnership project consistsofconstructinga newtunnelparallelingtheexistingMid-Towntunnel that connectsNorfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia.Workalso encompassesrehabilitating the existing tunnel,constructing the tunnel approach in Norfolk andPortsmouth,

as well as extending the MLK Expressway. The massive construction of this Toll Road is to alleviate some of the

congestion the existing tunnel experiences.

CESConsultingLLC(CES)isperforming quality assuranceinspection servicesfor thisproject.

CONSTRUCTION: Quality assurance inspection duties include:

  • Validatingthespecifiedqualityprocesses by establishingproduct specifications and qualityattributes

  • Tracking and measuring production, clearly documenting evidence

  • Determining operational and performance qualification

  • Writing and updating quality assurance procedures

  • Maintainingandimprovingproduct quality by completing system surveillance audits, investigatingcustomercomplaints,collaboratingwithothermembersofmanagement to develop new productand engineeringdesigns,andmanufacturingandtrainingmethods

  • Preparingqualitydocumentationandreportsbycollecting,analyzing andsummarizinginformationandtrendsincludingcorrectiveactions andre-validations


  • Immersed tube construction with pre-cast concrete tunnel segments for two-lane tunnel

  • Existing pile removal

  • New pile driving

  • Fireproofing of tunnel interior

  • Tunnel air flow installation

  • Existing tunnel rehabilitation

  • Norfolk and Portsmouth approach roadway

  • 1.5 million cubic yards of trenching

  • Extension of MLK Expressway

  • Tunnel and roadway utilities

  • Toll systems installation and synchronization

DC Street Car Project

Owner: DDOT

Cost: $42.00Million

Project Dates: June28, 2012 to April 2014

The DC Streetcar is a surface light rail  and street car network under construction in Washington, DC. The street cars will be the first to run in the District of Columbia since the dismantling of the previous streetcar system in 1962.

This project consists of 2.4 miles of roadway reconstruction, including all streetcar system tracks along H Street. The project is a portion of the proposed street car network that will connect all eight District wards. Phase 2 of construction is on going along H and Benning Streets, where the final roadway work is being completed.

Extensive coordination with local residents and businesses is required to continue to build buy-in for the project as well as keep the traveling public safe (both pedestrian and vehicular).

CES ConsultingLLC (CES) is responsible for providing a civil/structural work inspector and a electro/mechanical inspector for the project.

CONSTRUCTION: CES performed lead construction inspection by augmenting and supporting DDOT with construction engineering and inspection services in the field. A major focus of this role was to pre- plan utility relocation activities to minimize potential disruptions. CES project inspector senior duties included:

  • Ensuring that all work conformed to DDOT standards and specifications, including documentation

  • Ensuring that all testing was performed at the correct frequency; and all testing and commissioning of the electro-mechanical systems were carried out as per specifications and manufacturers recommendations

  • Pay items were properly measured and documented in the daily report

  • Worked closely with the contractor in resolving conflicts at the lowest level to avoid disruption to construction activities and traffic


  • Roadway construction/reconstruction and Storm drainage

  • Streetcar track installation

  • In-plan utility relocation’s (including sensitive government fiber optic cable)

  • Overhead Contact System (OCS) wire installation, overhead signs and information display

  • Extensive MOT work and multiple-phased construction

  • ITS communication equipment/duct bank installation and relocation, vehicular traffic signals

  • Street car controls and signalization and 12th Street power substation installation

  • Streetcar stops on H Street at 3rd, 5th, 8th, 13th, and 15th Streets, sidewalk construction