Route 606/Loudoun County Parkway

Loudoun County, VA

Owner: VDOT

Cost: $106.7Million

ProjectDates: June2014toSeptember2017

The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA), Loudoun County and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) are jointly funding the project, which is being developed by VDOT.

LoudounCounty Parkway/Old OxRoad(Route606)connects

twomajorroads,Route50andRoute28 (SullyRoad)andis a desirableroute for motoristsfrom pointswest to accessAshburn, Sterling and Herndon. The road iscurrently congestedin both directionsduringpeakhours.Thisprojectwilladdress the need to increasecapacity on this sectionof road dueto growthin the surrounding area andthe resulting increasein trafficcongestion.CESConsultingLLC(CES)isresponsibleforprovidingtheconstruction managerandseniorschedulerfortheproject.


    • Reconstruct and widenthe existing two-lanerural road to fourlanesbetween Evergreen MillsRoad(Route621)and the DullesGreenway (Route 267) (adistance of about five miles)

    • Include provisions for bicyclists and pedestrians


    • Detailed roadway and bridge highway cost estimating, using referencessuch asthe RS Means,historicdataandotherstatisticalmeans

    • Independent cost estimating and analysis on change orders for FHWA compliance

    • Entitlement review for cost


    • Scheduling for planned work, key milestones, interaction with adjacent or district-wide work

    • Monitor progress by all sections of the project, such as R/W, utility relocation, design, construction

    • Contemporaneous schedule as-built

    • Project earnings and progress monitoring/ reporting

    • Time/Schedule Impact Analysis for entitlement of time


    • Tracking of added items and out of scope activities and the impact that has on the overall project

    • Prepare change/work order for the project manager


    • Track all correspondence that are relevant to the project

    • Ensure that correspondence are responded to with adequate supporting facts and documents

    • Provide necessary supporting justification documents for any change/work orders

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