Route 29 Solutions Project

Charlottesville, VA

This contract consists of three projects constructed simultaneously on the Route 29 Corridor: construction of a grade separated intersection on Route 29 with major utility relocations, accelerated bridge and roadway construction; 2.9 mile long widening of Route 29; and 2.9 mile construction of Berkmar Drive (new road) and bridge paralleling Route 29.

CES Consulting LLC(CES) was responsible for providing the Quality Assurance Program for this project. CES Consulting provided the Quality Assurance Manager, QA senior Inspectors, QA testing technician and office support staff.


  • Grade separated intersection at the Route 29 and Rio Road.

  • Major utility relocations prior to construction of roadway and bridge

  • Accelerated bridge construction (bridge has to be completed in 103 days when turn movements are restricted on Route 29) using precast box beams, tie-back walls and other innovative ideas.

  • 2.9 miles of roadway construction (including drainage, utilities, traffic signals, etc.) widening of Route 29

  • Construction of parallel road (Berkmar Drive) to Route 29. Work includes construction of new bridge crossing over Rivanna River with drilled shafts and major earthwork operations.

  • Extensive environmental permitting and mitigation prior to construction work starting

  • Extensive public outreach to business on Route 29 Corridor as well as local county boards, City of Charlottesville, local residents and travelling public


  • Ensure all projects are constructed according to VDOT Design Build Specifications and Guidelines

  • Full time Quality Assurance Manager responsible for execution of QA plan for duration of project

  • Ensure and responsible for implementation of Lane Corman’s approved QC/QA program

  • Provide qualified and certified inspection and testing staff to inspect all work operations

  • Provide experienced office staff to ensure that all work is properly documented and tracked

  • Assist Design Build Contractor to mitigate construction quality issues, resolve NCRs, work with QC manager and VDOT to ensure quality in all construction operations


  • Tracking and testing of all materials per VDOT Design Build guidelines for QA & QC

  • Approval of all materials used on project per VDOT Materials Section processes/procedures

  • Ensure progress photographs and daily reports are consistent

  • Compile and responsible for all project records pertaining to Quality Assurance

Owner: VDOT

Cost: $116.75 Million

Project Dates: Feb 2015 to October 2017

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