I-95 Shoulder Widening Project

Dumfries, VA

Owner: VDOT

Cost: $42.2Million

Project Dates: March 2013 to August 2015

Thisproject consistsof constructing 7.2miles of 12-foot widefull-depthshouldersforI-95 in Prince William County, VA. Theplannedworkisbeingbuiltinheavily travelled corridorwithconcurrent I-95 ExpressLanesbeing constructedsimultaneously alongside this project. Extensive MOTcoordinationand conflictmitigation is required. CES

Consulting LLC (CES) performed pre-construction and constructionmanagementandinspectionservicesfor project. CES Consulting provided a project manager and fourinspectors.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION: CES provided preliminary engineering services such as constructability and bidability reviews, Contract Time Determination Report (CTDR), user fees calculations and contract special provisions.

CONSTRUCTION: CES performed construction management services by supporting VDOT with construction engineering and inspection services in the field. The CES project manager is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all work is per VDOT standards and specifications

  • All testing is performed at the correct frequency, measured and documented daily work pay items

  • Managing CEI staff of multiple consultants and VDOT

  • Workingcloselywiththecontractor, all field designconflictsareresolvedatthelowestlevelpossible,utilitycoordinationcoordinatedexpeditiouslyandtraffic disruptions minimized

Additionalsupportincludedprojectcontrols,scheduleandchange orderestimation andclaimanalysis.Theprojectissixmonthsaheadofschedulethroughpartnering with the contractor and allclaims havebeenwithdrawn.


    • Roadway widening including storm drainage construction

    • Underdrain and cement stabilized aggregate, lime stabilization and manipulation

    • Box-culverts and roadway drainage, guardrail

    • In-plan utility relocations (including sensitive government fiber optic cable)

    • Asphalt pavement construction and reconstruction

    • Overhead signsand variable message boards,extensive MOT workandmultiplephasedconstruction

    • Interstate corridor lighting and ITS communication equipment/duct bank installation

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