Atkinson Blvd

Newport News, VA

Scope of project:

The City of Newport New is constructing a new four-lane divided roadway beginning at the intersection of Warwick Boulevard and Atkinson Boulevard extending eastward with a 1742 foot bridge structure over the CSX railroad, I-64 and intersection with Jefferson Avenue. Once constructed, the roadway will be named Atkinson Boulevard. This project is locally administered by the City of Newport News. The work includes surcharge, wick drains, drilled shafts, new bridge structures, utility relocations, and signalized intersections.

Benefits of Project :

The new roadway connection will alleviate traffic congestion and reduce commuter travel times by providing an important connection between the City’s major roadways, Jefferson Avenue and Warwick Boulevard. The improvements also include a 10 foot shared use path for pedestrians and cyclists traversing the length of the project on the Mary Passage Middle School side of the new roadway expanding to 14 feet on the new bridge.

CES is providing Construction Inspection services for this Locally Administered project. Duties include overseeing inspecting the work to ensure the project is constructed in accordance with contract requirements. CES is also providing an office engineer whose duties include reviewing inspector’s daily reports, entering quantities and reviewing contractor’s payment requests, maintaining the project material notebook and all related documentation, and receiving and processing all EEO documentation from the contractor.

Project Cost – $69 Million.

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