DC Street Car Project

Washington, DC

Owner: DDOT

Cost: $42.00Million

Project Dates: June28, 2012 to April 2014

TheDCStreetcaris a surfacelight rail andstreetcarnetworkunderconstruction in Washington,DC.Thestreetcarswillbethe first to run in the Districtof Columbiasince the dismantlingof the previousstreetcar system in 1962.

Thisproject consistsof 2.4 milesofroadwayreconstruction,

  • Construction Management Construction Inspection

  • Contract Administration Federal Funding

  • Utility Relocation

including all streetcar systemtracksalong H Street. The project is a portion of the proposedstreetcarnetwork thatwill connect all eight District wards. Phase 2 of constructionisongoingalong H andBenningStreets, where the final roadway work isbeing completed.

Extensive coordination with local residents and businesses is required to continue to build buy-in for the project as well as keep the traveling public safe (both pedestrian and vehicular).

CESConsultingLLC(CES)isresponsible for providinga civil/structuralworkinspectorand aelectro/mechanicalinspectorfortheproject.

CONSTRUCTION: CES performed lead construction inspection by augmenting and supporting DDOT with construction engineering and inspection services in the field. A major focus of this role was to pre- plan utility relocation activities to minimize potential disruptions. CES project inspector senior duties included:

  • Ensuring that all work conformed to DDOT standards and specifications, including documentation

  • Ensuringthatalltestingwas performed at the correct frequency; andall testing and commissioningof the electro-mechanical systemswerecarriedoutasperspecificationsand manufacturersrecommendations

  • Pay items were properly measured and documented in the daily report

  • Worked closely with the contractor in resolving conflictsat the lowest level to avoid disruption toconstructionactivitiesand traffic


  • Roadwayconstruction/reconstruction and Storm drainage

  • Streetcar track installation

  • In-plan utility relocations (including sensitive government fiber optic cable)

  • Overhead Contact System (OCS) wire installation, overhead signs and information display

  • Extensive MOT work and multiple-phased construction

  • ITS communication equipment/duct bank installation and relocation, vehicular traffic signals

  • Street car controls and signalization and 12th Street power substation installation

  • Streetcar stops onH Street at3rd, 5th, 8th, 13th, and 15th Streets, sidewalk construction

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